Com quemar grasa abdominal

Com quemar grasa abdominal

Fat in the upper abdomen

For today we have proposed to give you some tips and advice on how to lose fat more efficiently, but without going into all those miracle diets that promise to eliminate all your fat in 7 days to never see it again.

Exercising in sunlight can increase fat burning by up to 20%; this is due to the production of leptin, which produces a faster movement of the fat bags we have in our body.

Researchers in California have found an enzyme in kidney beans that helps burn fat by preventing carbohydrates from being deposited as fat stores and therefore there is a smaller amount of fat in our reserves.

It is one of the sports that burns the most calories per hour and tones the body. It burns about 420 calories per hour doing this exercise, in addition to intensely exercise both the upper body and the lower body.

What is the best way to eliminate abdominal fat?

Cardio activities are the best when it comes to weight loss and fat burning. If you want to see results in a short time, any aerobic exercise will be your best ally. Walking, running, cycling, swimming or dancing are some of the perfect activities to achieve your goal.

Which is better to lose weight or burn fat?

Things should be clear from the start: losing weight is losing total body weight, while losing fat is any weight loss that occurs specifically by removing fat mass. And the most important thing for your diet is to eliminate the latter.

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High bulging abdomen

Sleeping well is essential to properly rest the body and mind and, although you may not believe it at first, rest is also related to eliminate belly fat. The idea is to find a balance, since it is just as bad to sleep less than 5 hours a day as it is to sleep more than 8 hours a day, as both tendencies lead you to accumulate more abdominal fat, among other problems.In this sense, not sleeping the recommended time (between 6 and 8 hours a day) can cause alterations in the production of insulin. This can lead to the body asking for more glucose and, therefore, you end up giving in to the temptation to eat fats and sweets in excess. Remember, too, that snacking in the middle of the night will be counterproductive if you want to lose abdominal fat, because during those hours your body is in energy saving and you can put on more weight than in the most active part of the day.We recommend you read these other articles on Is it bad to sleep too much? and How to sleep 8 hours a day.

Upper abdominal fat burning routine

Do you accumulate fat in your abdomen? You should know that there are a number of tricks and tips designed to help us eliminate the love handles. For example, there are some foods that are specially indicated to help us reduce fat and also exercises and dietary tips that will get us to lose weight naturally. In this unCOMO article we are going to tell you how to eliminate belly fat by making a few simple changes in your day to day.

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To reduce belly fat the first thing you have to do is change your eating habits. The fat appears in our body by a poor diet or by leading a sedentary life in which the calories we take do not end up burning. Therefore, the first thing is that you take into account a number of basic premises that will help you lose belly:We also recommend you read these other posts on the Consequences of poor diet and How to improve eating habits.

You can also get rid of belly fat by trying to speed up your metabolism. One of the essential problems of people who tend to put on weight is that they have a slow metabolism and therefore take a long time to burn the calories you have eaten with meals. To lose weight faster, a good idea is to focus on accelerating our metabolism so that the calories leave our body sooner converted into energy, one of the best ways to achieve this is to eat less but more times a day. Ideally, meals should be divided into 5 meals and, between them, you should not let more than 3 hours pass; in this way your body is working all day to assimilate food and, therefore, is active. The ideal distribution is as follows:

How to get rid of belly fat

I think it happens to many of you that you can’t get rid of that accumulated abdominal fat. You may not be overweight, but you do have those annoying love handles that just won’t go away. Let’s see some tips to get rid of it.

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The truth is that it is difficult to eliminate it because our body prefers to burn fat in other areas rather than the belly area. Hormonal factors also play a role, such as menopause, which slows down the metabolism.

Something you can do to try to eliminate the belly is to incorporate cinnamon, pepper or ginger to your dishes. These foods are thermogenic, which means that they will help us to increase the body temperature and, in this way, will accelerate the metabolism of our body helping us to burn fat.